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  • Beautiful Spring Gardens - ONLINE

    Extend your garden season with plants that bloom early in this talk by landscape designer Charlotte Albers. Learn about shadbush, redbud, magnolia, witchhazel, lilac, woodland phlox, wildflowers and a rainbow of bulbs, all suitable for the Northeast including some lesser known varieties. Take a virtual tour through lush gardens, learn how to use more native plants beneficial to pollinators, and consider how layering certain key perennials can create a glorious opening performance in April and May. This class will meet online using the Zoom platform. You will receive an invite from the instructor prior to the start date.
  • Hiking Vacations Throughout Europe and on a Budget!

    Take a virtual journey with adventure traveler and hiker, Anthony Murphy! Anthony's love of hiking and culture has taken him across Europe by foot. From town to town and along trails less travelled, you will enjoy this cultural presentation. You will learn how to best plan, pack, navigate, eat, stay and select the best routes. Take away many tips to ensure your next hiking adventure is one to remember. At the end of the presentation there will be some time for Q&A. All travelers welcomed! Anthony Murphy I’ve been a hiker since the age of 13 when I hiked my first charity hike. Hiking has always brought me a great deal of joy and wherever I lived I’ve always found a trail! I’ve hiked the Appalachian trail and the long trail extensively as well as most of the trails in Vermont! 10 years ago I planned my first hiking trip in Europe – the Camino de Compostela. I decided to continue traveling in Europe. I fell in love with the small towns we visited along the way and Meeting the local people who lived there. I decided to offer a class to hopefully bring my passion to anyone interested in learning how to experience the joy of traveling!
  • Minding Your Mind: An Owner's Manual for Your Best Mind

    Living in our human mind can often feel like being in the cockpit of a plane without knowing how to fly it. No other species has the complexity of thoughts, feelings, and behavior that we have. We need an owner's manual, and this class offers one! Learn some brain basics with these 5 practices for cultivating your best mind to steer your life: 1. Staying calm 2. Being present 3. Focusing thoughts & feelings 4. Observing without judgment 5. Being your own wise, caring companion The 2/21 class is IN-PERSON at CVU and the 2/23 class is VIRTUAL via Zoom. Please choose your preferred format at registration.
  • Gardening with Native Perennials - ONLINE

    North American plants like coneflowers, phlox, and asters support wildlife and are low maintenance, drought tolerant, and tough. Learn about favorite varieties and great combinations from a landscape design professional, including new cultivars that are worth growing, plants for shade and low light conditions, groundcovers, and how to integrate ornamental grasses like switchgrass or little bluestem into the mix for texture, seasonality, and winter interest. This class will meet online using the Zoom platform. You will receive an invite from the instructor prior to the start date.
  • Relationship Manual: Understanding & Improving Your Relationships

    Would you like to improve your relationship with a partner, ex-partner, family member, co-worker, or anyone else? You can. Like a blueprint for a house, Relationship Manual shows you the structure of all healthy relationships. It includes a part that we often miss: a healthy independence. Having a strong, separate self can seem like the opposite of connecting to others yet it's actually a vital foundation. This class teaches the "separate and connected" dynamic of all human relationships with graphics and real life examples. With this newunderstanding, you can start improving all of your relationships right away. The 3/14 class is IN-PERSON at CVU and the 3/16 class is VIRTUAL via Zoom. Please choose your preferred format at registration.
  • How to Be a Prepared Hiker, Part 1

    We are surrounded by gorgeous wilderness and high peaks. With planning and preparation, the backcountry can be enjoyed safely. Here you can learn the basics to prepare for a hike. Topics will include making a plan, dressing and packing appropriately, and dealing with unexpected situations. No experience or gear required for the class. This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Advanced Health Care Directives - ONLINE

    It is never too early to start planning for how you would like your end of life wishes to be honored and so that you can take the pressure off your loved ones making the decision on your behalf. If you have been thinking of completing a Health Care Directive to communicate your needs and wishes, but have not completed one, this class will provide an opportunity to discuss your concerns/questions and will encourage you to take action so your loved ones can better understand how you would like to be cared for if you were not able to speak for yourself. *This class is offered by donation* Session one: Welcoming time, explaining Health Care Directives , generating a list of questions and concerns from the participants of what they understand and what they would like addressed, going over the Vermont Health Care Directive form in a general sense and resources available for more information, etc; Session two: This is an optional session for those who would like additional help with filling out the form, address discussions they may of had with others, and any questions that have come up since the first session. This online class will use the Zoom platform. You will be sent an invitation as well as handouts before the start of class.
  • How to Be a Prepared Hiker, Part 2

    Maybe you are ready for more information after Part 1 or you have a little experience and would like to dive deeper into a few aspects of backcountry travel. Topics will include winter hiking, basic map and compass reading, wilderness first aid, and fire building. No gear required for the class. This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Understanding Emotions: An Owner's Manual for Your Emotions

    What exactly are emotions? What do we do with them when we feel them? What about the hard ones like sadness and fear? How can I manage my frustration and anger? Join this crash course on emotions for answers to these questions and some of your own. You'll leave with a 5 step model of understanding emotions and what to do with them for emotional wellness. This class is accessible and beneficial to everyone, teens too!
  • Robert Couse-Baker (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Getting to Know Your Car Workshop- OUTSIDE

    Do you have any idea how to check if the oil is low, change a tire, add basic fluids when needed? Want to be informed about what to know when buying a used car? Join the techs from Girlington Garage,, for a quick, down and dirty look at the basics of car care. Get to know the basic layout of your car under the hood, Vermont State Inspection requirements, how to avoid getting taken advantage of at the repair shop, or anything else concerning cars that you would like to know. This class will meet outside on the CVU grounds.