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  • Hiking Vacations Throughout Europe and on a Budget!

    Take a virtual journey with adventure traveler and hiker, Anthony Murphy! Anthony's love of hiking and culture has taken him across Europe by foot. From town to town and along trails less travelled, you will enjoy this cultural presentation. You will learn how to best plan, pack, navigate, eat, stay and select the best routes. Take away many tips to ensure your next hiking adventure is one to remember. At the end of the presentation there will be some time for Q&A. All travelers and hikers welcomed! Anthony Murphy I’ve been a hiker since the age of 13 when I hiked my first charity hike. Hiking has always brought me a great deal of joy and wherever I lived I’ve always found a trail! I’ve hiked the Appalachian trail and the long trail extensively as well as most of the trails in Vermont! 10 years ago I planned my first hiking trip in Europe – the Camino de Compostela. I decided to continue traveling in Europe and most recently walked the Portuguese coast from Porto to Santiago, 167 miles! I fall in love with the small towns we visited along the way, and meeting the local people who lived there is a cultural immersion. I decided to offer this class to hopefully bring my passion to anyone interested in learning how to experience the joy of traveling by foot! This June, Anthony will be heading to France to walk the GR 22 to Mont Saint Michel with a group of 6! This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Practical AI for Everyday Life

    Through a mix of interactive tutorials, demonstrations, and plain explanations focused on today’s user-friendly AI systems (not complex math equations!), you’ll walk away amazed at how AI can positively and ethically transform activities like: Improving your writing Designing professional quality art Automating social media posts scheduling Creating personalized daily tasks Speeding up research using conversational searches This class provides an opportunity to shortcut years of potential frustration through tips tailored to newcomers; come learn all the best tips from the best AI sites to formatting prompts for better outputs. The future is here – unlock AI’s benefits in a bite-sized lesson. This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Drew de F Fawkes (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Cultural Resistance & Climate Change Adaptation

    The goal of this presentation is to provide examples of DIRECT actions each person can take at home, on their phone, computer, farm, institution, and municipal entities. Gerald will review specific climate change adaptations that face cultural resistance, whether in your home, community or the institutions that surround us. A list of specific actions each of us have an opportunity to accomplish in our daily life will be introduced and discussed. Both positive and unintended consequences will be identified in terms of cultural values, as well as economic, environmental and personal adaptation, as well as how positive cultural adaptations affect us at the local and regional level. This class will take place inside CVU.
  • Separate and Connected: Understanding & Improving Your Relationships

    Would you like to improve your relationship with a partner, ex-partner, family member, co-worker, or anyone else? You can! This class teaches the "separate and connected" dynamic of all human relationships with graphics and real life examples. With this new understanding, you can start improving all of your relationships right away. This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Connected: Understanding & Growing your Relationship with your Child

    In parenting, we often focus on what we should do: What do I do when my toddler tantrums? What do I do when my teen is disrespectful? What we do is important, of course. Yet equally important is who we are to the child, our relationship with them. Learn how this relationship works in its healthy form and the core needs we fulfill within it for our kids to grow into their best selves. This class will meet inside CVU.