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  • Spanish Conversation: Advanced Level- ONLINE

    Dunia Partilo, native Spanish teacher, invites you to immerse yourself into Spanish conversation from day one. Students will take part in discussions and debates of several topics of their interest. If you are planning to travel to any Spanish speaking country in the future and you need to boost your conversational skills this class is for you! This is also a great opportunity to connect with other Spanish language speakers in your area. Advanced level in Spanish is required to take full advantage of this class. Not sure if you are ready for this class? Dunia will be happy to speak with you prior to registration. Please let us know so we can connect you! This class will meet online via Zoom. You will receive an email prior to the start date of your class with information on how to participate.
  • Spanish For Beginners - ONLINE

    Join Dunia Partilo, a Vermont licensed educator and native from Spain, and learn one of the most widely spoken world languages useful in business and travel. This 12-session course focuses on conversational skills through dialogues, vocabulary and typical expressions that are very useful in order speak the basics of the Spanish language. Each class will also follow the text, "Language Hacking: A Conversation Course for Beginners, Spanish", By Benny Lewis. Please purchase the textbook, "Language Hacking: A Conversation Course for Beginners, Spanish," by Benny Lewis prior to the start of the first class as this will be used throughout the course. All other material and handouts will be emailed. This is an online class and you will receive a Zoom invitation prior to the start of class.
  • Italian for Beginners- Part 1 - ONLINE

    Imagine sitting on a small table in a piazza of a village in Italy. The waiter comes over and you converse in Italian. This course will give you the fundamentals of the Italian language as well as some phrases and ways to get around. This is an introductory course focused on the Italian language and culture where we will learn all about pronunciation, basic phrases, important vocabulary, beginning verb tenses and conjugations, and a sense of the everyday life and culture of Italy including food, wine, art, and how to get around this amazing country. This is a perfect course for those who want to begin learning a new language as well as for those who want to travel to Italy. There will be opportunities for speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Liz Winn taught for 30 years in the public school system with both music and classroom, and now continues to teach Italian. She once lived in Rome, and goes back about once a year to continue the immersion of the language and of the culture. Liz teaches to the needs/wants of her students. Expect to have a lot of fun while learning! This is an online class. A Zoom invitation will be emailed prior to the start date as well as handouts.
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    Guitar for Beginners - Part 2

    This class is designed for those guitar players who have had at least an introduction to guitar or have taken the beginner class at Access. Review the basics, and then learn new acoustic guitar skills. The focus is on playing songs while receiving instruction on technique. Bring your guitar! An electronic tuner is strongly recommended, but not a prerequisite. This class will meet inside CVU.