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  • Night-Sky Photography Workshop - ONLINE

    Night-Sky Photography is fascinating genre and gaining popularity in the photography community. It is an exciting field where individuals can still distinguish themselves. But the equipment and techniques are a bit more tricky and involved than your typical landscape setup. During this 6-session workshop we will explore equipment requirements, planning steps, camera settings as well as post processing techniques for various topics like: Night Landscapes, Moon, Milky Way, Star Trails, and Deep Sky Objects (nebulae and galaxies). We will use Adobe Lightroom Classic for some demos as well as some other tools. If you own or are thinking about purchasing a D-SLR or mirrorless digital camera and a wide angle lens this class is for you! The only requirement is that you have a general interest in photography, a camera that can operate in manual mode, and the willingness to explore imaging software on a computer. The first session will be reviewing equipment and we will learn about each of your personal goals for taking this course. Once the weather has warmed, there will be a practical in-person night session offered to all registered students. This is a virtual 6-session workshop. A Zoom invitation will be sent prior to the start of the first class. Enjoy star gazing! Bernhard Wunder-
  • Introduction to Automotive Electrical Systems

    This is a beginner course in basic automotive electrical systems and wiring diagrams and no previous training or experience is needed. We will slowly cover electrical theory one step at a time, covering the three automotive electrical circuit types, series circuits, parallel circuits and combinations, and characteristics and examples of each. We will also cover an introduction to automotive electrical testing and common failures affecting load components. This course will be important toward understanding more complex automotive electronics and components like alternators, starters and ignition pulse transformers. Completion of this course will be a needed for more advanced topics.
  • Automotive Electrical- Ignition System Operations- Level 1

    This is a comprehensive 8-session course on the theory, application and troubleshooting of ignition system operations. In this class we will cover spark plug design, operational characteristics, platinum gap, heat conductivity, misfire diagnosis. How ignition circuit components deliver necessary high-voltage spark intensity, duration and timing. Ignition system electronic spark production. Primary circuit switches. AC magnetic signal generators. Hall effect sensors. Electronic timing advance, electronic dwell, current-limiting, variable dwell, waste-spark ignition and coil-on-plug (COP). An introduction to ignition oscilloscope waveforms will also be addressed. It is suggested that students have a basic understanding of electrical theory, but it is not necessary to take this course as there will be a review of electrical theory on the first night to gage each participants level of experience.
  • Robert Couse-Baker (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Getting to Know Your Car Workshop- OUTSIDE

    Do you have any idea how to check if the oil is low, change a tire, add basic fluids when needed? Want to be informed about what to know when buying a used car? Join the techs from Girlington Garage,, for a quick, down and dirty look at the basics of car care. Get to know the basic layout of your car under the hood, Vermont State Inspection requirements, how to avoid getting taken advantage of at the repair shop, or anything else concerning cars that you would like to know. This class will meet outside on the CVU grounds.