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  • Sheila Sund (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Positive Dog Training

    This class is for any level. Learn how to teach your dog positively! There is no need for leash corrections. Understand how to reward your dog with your voice, praise, food, and by providing positive feedback. Learn proper body-mechanics and leash-techniques so you can control your dog but still keep the leash loose -- which allows for more off-leash control! Get your dog to look at you, turn with you, walk better on leash, sit from the front and the side, stand-up, lie down and to settle, and the principles of wait and stay. This is an outdoor class, so you will be teaching your dog how to behave in public and during distractions. If you have any questions about whether this class would be a good fit for your dog, please contact us and we will put you in touch with Alana. The first class is for people only and will be indoors. Subsequent classes will meet outside with your dog. Please bring a 6-foot flat nylon/fabric leash (ideally 3/4-inch) and flat collar or body-harness required (front-connection harnesses preferred), as well as poop bags, treats and water. This class is for dogs 3 months of age and over. Puppies must have received their second distemper vaccination to participate. Dogs 6 months and older must have received a rabies vaccination. Note: The fee covers up to 2 handlers per dog. In the case of bad weather, class will be held on Thursday instead of Wednesday. This class will meet outside on the CVU grounds, except for the first class which will meet inside. Please check-in at the CVU main entrance before the start of class.
  • Richard Senior (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Beekeeping Basics

    Have you thought about keeping bees? This is the opportunity to learn more about these vital and fascinating creatures providing so much of our food. The instructors, or apiarists, have over 60 years of combined experience and will pass along not only the facts, but also tips from hands-on experience in the field and many years in the beekeeping business! Learn more about your bee passion from Vermont based beekeeping experts at this popular Access class. These three sessions will enlighten, and maybe even inspire you to start a few hives of your own! Plenty of question-and-answer time and all the info needed to start your own operation. A "possible" 4th field session may be offered. Date, time, and location to be determined based on weather. A course book valued at $10 is included in the price. This class meets inside CVU.
  • Delaware Master Gardeners (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Native Plants Landscaping

    From their eye-catching beauty to their show-stopping flavor, native plants make a wonderful addition to our gardens and yards. These incredible species also support crucial biodiversity for wildlife and pollinators by providing food and/or habitat. Natural plant communities are often more resilient and require less maintenance than other landscapes. There is a perfect native species for every niche in your diverse planting plan. Come learn which are best for your landscape! This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Guilhem Vellut (flickr) (CC BY 2.0)

    Late Spring Medicinal Plant Walk

    Spring is the perfect season to start identifying and harvesting the medicinal herbs in your neighborhood, as you can track their progress and catch them at different stages of growth. We'll take a slow stroll through the CVU meadows and wooded edges, meeting common and helpful plants and diving into their uses and the best times to harvest for medicine. Get ready to use all your senses, and leave with a better sense of the green world around you. Bring waterproof walking shoes and notetaking materials! Sign up for both of Sophie's spring plant walks to further deepen your knowledge of medicinal plant ID and use. This class will meet inside CVU to start and then move outside. Please dress appropriately for the weather, as the class will take place outside CVU and may involve walking over some muddy and uneven ground. In the case of extreme weather, this class will meet a week from the scheduled date.