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  • Build a Modern Adirondack Chair and Table

    Adirondack chairs are the perfect Vermont styled chair for your porch, fire pit or lawn. There are many different styles of Adirondack chairs, but in this course you will be making an (unfinished) modern and simplified version with a matching table! You may choose to leave your chair unfinished or you can paint, stain, or seal the wood at home. Methods and recommended products will be discussed. Over the course of 4 classes, students will cut all the necessary wood components, assemble and sand their chair and table. Chairs are constructed from 2X4 and 2x10 boards and held together with construction grade screws. These chairs are heavy and durable! (If a student is not comfortable or not permitted to use the saw, I can pre-cut all their components in lieu of them attending the first class). Minimum age for this class is 16+ Your chair and and table will be stored at CVU until completion. You will be responsible for bringing the chair and table home after the forth class. Please bring PPE equipment such as safety goggles and gloves. Dust masks are optional. Bring a measuring tape and wear closed toed shoes, hat and tie hair back.