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  • Job Search Series

    Are you considering a career change this year? It's time to spruce up your job search tools and technique. Sign up for one or more of the following workshops designed to have you well prepared and confident to make a career change when opportunity comes along. If you are just entering the work force or even thinking about a possible career change, don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable information from Marie Eddy, a certified career services provider! 1. LinkedIn – In today's employment -------- having a well-developed LinkedIn profile is a must. One of the first things an employer does when it gets your application is to check you out online. LinkedIn is more than just an online resume—it provides an opportunity for you to show your personality, your future goals, and network with people who can get you to that next level. This workshop will focus on setting up an attractive LinkedIn and how you can leverage your presence on this networking platform. 2. Resume – The resume is a tool to get you the interview. While some aspects have stayed the same, you want to update your resume for the times, with a modern format. This workshop will share current trends in resumes and provide tips and tricks to getting you ready to send it out to your next employer. 3. The Proactive Job Search – People who complain about sending out hundreds of resumes and hearing nothing are not using effective job search strategies. This workshop will cover how to find your next career without resorting to endless scrolling of Indeed, and other job search websites. 4. The Interview – So your new resume got you the interview? Great! Preparation is key to making a great first impression. This workshop focuses on how to answer the most common interview questions while showcasing what makes you the best candidate for the job.
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    Write and Pitch Your Book So It Will Sell - ONLINE

    Many would-be authors write and pitch books that never produce the sales or visibility they'd hoped. These writers feel frustrated, never knowing why the book was rejected--wither by the publishers or the would-be readers. In this session, CEO and Publisher Annalisa Parent will pull back the curtain to show exactly what makes a successful expert book, and how you can avoid the publishing pitfalls. “Many speakers believe they are doing the right thing when putting together a book, only to find out it's not working--but they don't know why. This talk will show them the right steps to take to avoid frustration, wasted time, and most importantly, to accelerate success.” Andi Davies, New York City This class will meet online via Zoom. You will receive an email prior to the start date of your class with information on how to participate.
  • So You Want to Write a Memoir? With Author, Bill Mares

    Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. S. Kierkegaard. Bill Mares has authored or co-authored 19 books on subjects ranging from the Marine Corps to desert travel, from Vermont humor to economic democracy, He has been a reporter, a politician, a school teacher, has traveled to over 60 countries and is now writing a memoir. The first class will be about the process he is going through and the second class will be a workshop on how students can think through their own memoirs. Bring paper, pencil and your memories!