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    The Sweet Tooth Dilemma with Dr. Andrea Grayson - ONLINE

    Listen to Dr. Andrea Grayson, a professor in UVM’s Master’s of Public Health program, talk about our complicated relationship with sugar and refined carbohydrates. It’s a relationship we’d prefer to deny since sugar is a reliable source of pleasure and reward. The truth is that eating sugar and refined carbohydrates disrupts our gut microbiome and creates inflammation, setting the stage for numerous chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease. Learn about how and why you just might want to try to give up sugar! All registrants will receive a free ebook! This class will meet online. You will receive a Zoom invitation prior to the start of class.
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    Tarot & Oracle Card Reading Workshop

    The Tarot, as well as, Oracle cards are multi-faceted, they are a great tool for seeking answers about your future, a great meditative tool and also a great intentional motivational tool; when we know how to use them! You will learn how to clear, charge and store your cards, how to prepare your space for reading your cards, how to calm and center yourself and to bless the cards as well as setting an intention for your reading (asking the right questions is important to getting the right answers) and the proper shuffling of your cards. I will also teach you how you can use your cards daily, as a way of spiritual/material guidance and also as a meditative tool. I will share and send you my 4 favorite card layouts, with descriptions that have meaning to me, and how to create intentions using the cards around your home as a meditative, motivational reminder of what your goals are. Downloadable Materials are provided through email. Please bring a notebook to class.
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    Medicinal CBD Basics

    CBD has exploded in popularity! Are you interested in learning about this plant, it’s medicinal properties and how it’s used? Join Kelley Robie of Horsetail Herbs to learn the basics of CBD. You will discover where CBD comes from, learn about the various CBD strains, how it works in the body and how to use it. We will cover methods of extraction and how to use it for topical, edible and medicinal preparations. We will be making a CBD Salve and CBD Gummies to take home. If you’re new to CBD and its many properties, or want to learn how to make home CBD medicine, this class is for you! This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Herbal Remedies for Healthy Digestion

    Tummy troubles, be gone! In this class, we will learn about herbal remedies to support healthy digestion, from improving appetite to quelling gas and bloating, staying "regular", and everything in between. We will taste different herbal preparations and think about easy ways to incorporate plant medicine into your daily life (and mealtimes!) Bring your questions! This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Gut Health & Digestion - ONLINE

    In this gut health & digestion-focused webinar we're going to get into the details of what 'gut health' is, and it's importance to our overall health! We'll discuss what your digestive symptoms are telling you & why digestion can go so wrong. I will also talk through my top strategies (things I actually use with clients) to improve digestion & gut health! This class will meet online via Zoom. Look for instructions on how to join a day or two before the class starts.
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    Tarot Reversed Cards Workshop

    The Tarot is filled with so much information but even more when you start to work with reversed cards in your readings. In this class, I will teach you about Reversed cards and their meanings! Reversed cards will help you get a deeper look into what is going on in your life and in the reading. When we are not acting or thinking for our greatest good – reversed cards show up as a way of helping you change course or to guide you to let go or trust that something may be beyond your control. They give you the guidance that you need to take the right action, to help you look deeper and to get in touch with your thinking/beliefs. Have a notebook, your tarot deck in order and your questions. Please bring a notebook to class!
  • Chakra Workshop

    Come learn about the 7 amazing energy centers in your body; which help us be receptive, assimilate and transmit energy. I will teach you the meaning of each chakra. During this workshop you will learn how to balance your chakras using two special techniques I have developed that work wonders in helping to clear and balance these powerful energy wheels which leads to a greater sense of direction and well-being. Downloadable Materials will be provided using your phone or tablet. Please bring a notebook to class.
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    Introduction to Buddhism, Meditation & Mindfulness

    Learn about the fundamental philosophy and practices of Buddhism. Learn about the fundamental philosophy and practices of Buddhism, meditation & mindfulness. We will discuss and examine the main ideas and practices of Buddhism as well as learn about and practice different mindfulness and meditation techniques. You will leave with a better understanding of how to incorporate meditation into your own life and different techniques to try. This class will also leave you wanting to dive deeper and discover more about the practice and beliefs of the Buddhism faith. To learn more about Laura's connection and study of Buddhism, please visit This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Gem and Crystal Workshop

    Gems and crystals are powerful! They have scientific and metaphysical healing potential. I will teach you the meaning of 25 individual gems/crystals and how to use them to heal; physically, energetically, and spiritually. I will also show you how to care for, cleanse and recharge your own gemstones! Visual aid for each gemstone will be provided using your phone or tablet. Please bring a notebook to class.
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    Gluten Free Baking Discussion

    Do your gluten-free cookies, muffins, or yeast breads turn out as a disappointment? Have you wanted to try gluten-free baking but were afraid to do so? Do you feel discouraged with gluten-free baking? If so, this is the class for you! We will discuss gluten-free flour mixtures and their components. I will provide a listing of stores and online websites so you can easily locate these gluten-free flours/mixtures. The best gluten-free recipes will be shared of our favorite baked goods such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, sandwich bread, and other yummy treats! I will also discuss helpful hints and tips for gluten-free baking so you can once again enjoy great food! Additionally, some information on how to live gluten-free will be shared. This class will meet inside CVU.
  • Wild Edible & Medicinal Herb Walk

    Just a few steps outside your door lies a world of wild foods and plants waiting to be discovered! Kelley Robie, of Horsetail Herbs, will guide you on this introduction to identifying common and abundant “weeds” that make some of our very best wild foods and medicines. Here in Vermont, for at least half the year, we can find dozens of nutritious and healing plants to incorporate into our meals! We will identify local plant species, discuss parts of the plants used, when to harvest and even do some taste testing. You will go home with wild food recipes galore, and a new appreciation for Vermont's local wild plants. Local eating at its best, both fresh and free! This class will meet inside CVU, before moving outside.