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Pottery Lab, Wheel and Hand Building, Painting on Ceramic Tiles, and More

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  • Clay, Fire and Glaze, Oh My!

    This offering is for anyone that has prior experience with ceramics and would like to work independently, at home, on their projects while having access to clay, kiln, and glazes. This fee includes one 25lb block of clay, loading/unloading the kiln and a limited assortment of glazes (If you know you will be using a specific color please let us know in advance or feel free to source your own- Firing cone temps are 05 and 06). Starting Monday, Feb 1st at 5:30pm at the side door entrance of CVU please meet outside to pick up your clay. We will alternate bisque and glaze firings on a weekly basis every Wednesday as per the below schedule and Access CVU ceramic instructors, Carol Irish and Jen Labie, will be responsible for the kiln. Drop off and pick up will be every Monday at 5:30pm at the side entrance. Please label each item clearly as well as the box or bin used to transport your creations. Firing schedule: Date 2/1 (Pick up clay) 2/10 2/17 Break 3/3 3/10 3/17 3/24 3/31 4/7 4/14 Break 4/28 5/5 5/12 5/19 5/26 6/2 6/9 Bisque B B B B B B B B Glaze G G G G G G G G