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Be your own handyman! Learn how to do home improvements and repairs the correct way. Learn how to use tools and save money!

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  • Getting to Know Your Car Workshop

    Do you have any idea how to check if the oil is low, change a tire, add basic fluids when needed? Want to be informed about what to know when buying a used car? Join the techs from Girlington Garage,, for a quick, down and dirty look at the basics of car care. Get to know the basic layout of your car under the hood, Vermont State Inspection requirements, how to avoid getting taken advantage of at the repair shop, or anything else concerning cars that you would like to know. This class will meet at CVU. Please wear a mask and check-in at the front entrance of CVU before the start of class.
  • Home Repairs- Be your Own Handyman!

    Be your own handyman! During this 8 week course, you will learn the basics from what to look for before buying a house, signs that may mean significant cost and negotiating those into the sale, and how to fix just about everything from a doorknob hole to trouble shooting HVAC systems. Steve will also show you how to best use YouTube videos for instructional help before you need to call for help! We will also cover tool use and what tools to purchase to get the job done right. If you are looking to prepare your home for sale or just want to check off your fix-it-to-do list, this class will help you prioritize projects and teach you how to properly repair, fix, and restore all those small DIY projects! Requirement: Safety glasses, well fitting work gloves, close toed shoes, and a mask. Pick and choose which session is right for you, or register for 6 or more and receive a 10% discount automatically at registration! Course Outline Session 1 9/30 - We’ll discuss how to maintain a property; What you can do yourself and when to call a professional; What inspectors look for and you’ll learn where your utilities are, how they work and how to shut them off. Session 2 10/7 - We'll discuss home safety and fire prevention; Building your toolbox; Residential construction and we’ll play with different wall anchors. We’ll also hang stuff with levels and lasers! Session 3 10/14 - We'll discuss electrical systems and power distribution; Smart home technology and appliance efficiency upgrades; Troubleshooting and repairs you can do; We’ll replace a switch, an outlet, recessed light, and a ceiling fixture. Session 4 10/21- We’ll discuss plumbing and HVAC systems; What’s in your home? Troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs you can do yourself; We’ll install a kitchen and bath faucet, replace the guts of a toilet tank and install a new bath tub/shower fixture. Session 5 10/28 - We’ll discuss carpentry and building materials; Interior and exterior care; We’ll replace door knobs and cabinet handles; Get to use a circular saw and miter saw, cut trim, use a nail gun and screw gun/drill; use different products to repair, join, and seal various materials, and winterizing. Session 6 11/4 - We’ll discuss walls and how to repair them; We’ll play with different products on various textured ceiling and wall repairs; We’ll fix little holes and big holes and tape joints. Session 7 11/11 - We’re going to finish walls with fast set joint compound, sand and paint with a variety of paints, brushes and rollers and caulk to finish; We’ll sand and paint exterior trim and compare products. Session 8 11/18 - ROI… Basements, bathrooms and decks, OH, MY! What expenses are involved in renovations and how to manage your project to avoid “creep”; We’ll discuss pros and cons of being a landlord and how to flip a property. This class will meet inside CVU. Please wear a mask and check in at the main entrance before your first class.